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Social Responsibility

Purpose Driven Corporate Citizenship: The BlueGrace Way

Everything we do, we do with a purpose. We are purpose-driven individuals with shared social norms that serve as building blocks for unwritten rules of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors – it’s the “why” [we do it] factor. But our core values dictate “how” we do it. The most successful companies acknowledge their role as corporate citizens and operate under a set of values that benefit stakeholders far beyond finances. For our part, BlueGrace values people above all else, driving the way we do business. This is the BlueGrace Way.

Be Caring of All Others is our number one core value that transcends business forecasts and personal gratification. Are you a good team member? Have you offered support or checked-in with a colleague in need lately? Are you participating in BG community initiatives? Without this guiding principle in place, all other values fall short.

One of our organizational objectives is to Simplify everything we do as a company. This can be achieved by driving internal efficiencies, increasing speed to market, and constantly improving stakeholder experience. BlueGrace delivers a holistic approach to simplifying supply chain management using data analytics. As a core value, simplification cannot be overlooked.

At BlueGrace, we endeavor to Pursue Outrageous Goals. Part of our company’s vision is to advance the logistics landscape through new and different approaches while empowering those who share our core values. You cannot move towards that vision by being afraid to step outside the box. We want people in our corner who want to do big things, and we’re here to support them. Our goals are bigger than freight, and we’re just getting started.

Industry professionals can all agree that no day in supply chain is like the next. When the unexpected happens, it’s vital that our team members Embrace Chaos to make the most impact. While this is a customer-centric core value, as a hyper-growth company, internal changes are inevitable. Our team members thrive in this type of environment. We must remain agile in an often-erratic industry, especially with the sweeping changes brought on by the COVID Pandemic.

Our team members spend a lot of time together, and in many ways, operate as a family unit. It is important that we lean into our core value that asks us to Be Happy, Humble and Have Fun. This is something you cannot teach. These personality traits are a must when bringing in new teammates.

BlueGrace’s management team has committed to actively uphold these core values that underpin our ability to be an effective corporate citizen. We have specific strategies in place to continue moving us forward. BlueGrace has implemented specialized programs to give precedence to employees and communities.

Diversity and Inclusion remains a top priority which led BlueGrace to develop an initiative that offers multiple training courses for employees, as well as the creation of a diversity and inclusion council that governs our commitment to D&I. Our goals focus on implementing a more educated and inclusive culture that celebrates all our employees, customers, and partners. The council serves as a sounding board for leadership and a voice for employees in all diversity & inclusion related scenarios. We’re intentional with our actions; these aren’t empty words, but instead, a BG promise.

Company Business Resource Groups (or BRG’s) serve as a source of growth, development, and solace for employees. Each group has their own leadership structure and contributes to the inclusive and diverse culture we strive for at BlueGrace. We provide paid leadership training opportunities as well as quarterly Lunch and Learn sessions with community and business leaders from diverse backgrounds that allow employees to engage on a deeper level.

As an added benefit to our Employee Wellness Program, BlueGrace implemented an on-demand mental healthcare tool at no cost to employees with unlimited text-based coaching, self-care activities, numbered video-based therapy, and psychiatry services for the year. Mental health and counseling can help our team members lead a better quality of life. We believe in offering the best services for our people, and by extension, our community. It’s the right thing to do, and yet we offer so much more.

Community connectivity is a high priority for BlueGrace. We recently announced a partnership with Atlanta-based non-profit Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED) to reduce recidivism rates amongst young adults. RED graduates have the opportunity work at BlueGrace locations around the country. Our network of community partnerships extends to animal shelters and food banks including The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and Metropolitan Ministries, with the expectation of expanding into organizations nationwide.

Being a good corporate citizen ignites something in our teammates, customers, and suppliers. We are working towards something greater than ourselves by defining “True North,” a geographic metaphor for finding the right direction that combines values, beliefs, and purpose. At the heart of BlueGrace Logistics’ energized work environment, dynamic growth, and caring culture lies our carefully crafted set of core values. They are the foundation of our success and will help drive our organization for the future.

Bobby Harris, CEO/President

ready to join the BlueGrace team?

We’re always on the lookout for the humble and caring, the motivated and driven, the bold and talented – for those who want to have fun while contributing to the growth of a nation-leading company. Sound like you? Apply today!

working at bluegrace: it’s an experience

When Bobby Harris founded BlueGrace in 2009, he saw that even the top logistics firms were overlooking the true heart of their job. So, he built a company that put its people and its customers before profit.

development & growth
growth & development

We believe in growing our business by growing our people

Our shipments aren't the only things going places! BlueGrace maximizes our empowered work environment by leading, supporting and mentoring to help you reach your highest potential.

  1. Extensive Training Program
  2. Monthly Lunch & Learns
  3. Mentor Program
  4. Internship Opportunities
training & instruction
training & instruction

Successful careers are built by investing in knowledge.

Training is part of the learning experience at BlueGrace. Our specialized programs are designed to prepare you with the tools you need to build a successful career path.

  1. Interactive Classroom Setting
  2. Experienced Instructors
  3. Job Shadowing
  4. Ongoing Instruction
perks & benefits
perks &

Live your best life - but especially while you're at work.

We know people who are excited about their company are ultimately more successful. That's why we go the extra mile to provide you more than just standard benefits.

  1. Paid Vacation
  2. Medical Benefits & 401K
  3. "1st Date" Dress Code
  4. Free Beer Friday's @ 3pm
inclusive environment
inclusive environment

Working at BlueGrace is an experience, not just a job.

We believe that transparency is imperative in order to build a strong company. Our open, inclusive environment serves to ensure people are informed and heard.

  1. Company-Wide Meetings
  2. Collaborative Workspaces
  3. Employee Feedback Tools
  4. Team Building Events
d & i
diversity & inclusion

Developing a diverse workforce is essential

Our Diversity and Inclusion initiative includes multiple trainings for our employees, development of our diversity and inclusion council, among other components.

  1. Create an educated and inclusive culture
  2. D&I Council
  3. Business Resource Groups
  4. D&I Certifications
culture & enrichment
culture & enrichment

Find your happy place - you spend half of your life at work.

BlueGrace is dedicated to enriching the lives of our employees, making a difference in our community, and caring for all others. Our vibrant culture is one where all can thrive.

  1. Volunteer Initiatives
  2. Monthly Culture Events
  3. Wellness Programs
  4. A 'Top Workplaces' Company
rewards & recognition
rewards & recognition

The passion of our people is the core of our success.

BlueGrace cares about you and your drive for success. The endless passion our team brings to their jobs every day is something no other logistics firm can duplicate.

  1. Weekly Department MVP's
  2. Employee Rewards Program
  3. Annual President's Club
  4. Birthday & Tenure Traditions
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