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Confidence IndexTM

The BlueGrace Logistics Confidence index measures expected industry expansion or contraction based on shipper originated revenue forecasts, inventory levels, and order volumes. Data is aggregated directly from shipper organizations and reflects all road transport modes of service. The confidence index correlates growth or shrinkage to overall industry volume of shipments and price of products.

Logistics Industry Expansion/Contraction for Q2 2022

Overall 70% of shippers anticipate revenue growth Q/Q for Q2 2022, while only 11% of shippers anticipate a decline in revenue.  Revenue growth has strong positive correlation to both inventory expansion and order expansion, 54% of shippers anticipate growth in inventory while 59% of shippers anticipate order growth.

Expected Revenue Growth

Inventory Growth or Shrinkage

Impact On Orders

Confidence Index Price vs. Volume Summary

We witnessed a stronger revenue growth sentiment from predominantly truckload shippers, 82% of truckload shippers anticipate growth in revenue Q/Q compared to only 50% of LTL shippers who expect revenue growth Q/Q.  LTL shippers also had 39% of respondents who expect neutral revenue growth Q/Q.


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