We’ve heard them all before.

The list for complaints, where shipping customers feel they are a part of some ‘ripoff agenda’, is a mile long.  Your 3PL should be your biggest advocate for keeping all lines of communication open. Logistics and freight is a complex product with many moving parts for the customer, the carrier and the 3PL provider. Issues and complaints are not always avoidable so it’s imperative that each detail is covered with your 3PL. We have a deep and long-term relationship with each of our carriers so we want to ensure that all parties are taken care of. In fact, we will ensure that your business model is in line with the carrier we set you up with, before we ever move your freight!

Having a thorough understanding of the following details, usually can derail any negative outcomes:

  1. What are you shipping?
  2. Where is it being picked up and where is it going?
  3. What freight class is the shipment?
  4. What are the dimensions, how much does it weigh and how is it packaged?
  5. Do you need any special services? (i.e. Lift gate, residential drop off, re-consignment, etc)
  6. How fast do you need it there? Transit time?

Your dedicated 3PL consultant should be an expert when it comes to finding you the best carrier for your shipment based on the components you provide. Should a complaint arise with your freight, your consultant should review the process from start to finish and discover where the lines of communication became distorted.

BlueGrace Offers You a Dedicated Team

Aside from having a dedicated sales consultant, BlueGrace Logistics also employs a committed Customer Support Team whose sole focus is YOU. When a BlueGrace customer submits a complaint, the resolution and follow up are critical. It is paramount that our customers know that they are important and deserve to be updated as soon as possible, so the complaint can be resolved.

When you choose BlueGrace Logistics as your 3PL, you’re getting an extended family to handle your shipping needs. Shipping is essential to a business’s success and we strive to provide a cost efficient, complaint free, transportation plan.

About BlueGrace Logistics:

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S. For more information, visit www.mybluegrace.com