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BlueShip and Small Business


Buying Power.

Huge corporations have it and small businesses yearn for it. Big names like Target, Publix, and Wal-Mart all have the ability to negotiate pricing for shipping freight. They literally have the power to say, I want to pay this, for that, to ship there, because of their size. A small business doesn’t have the size, purchasing power, or the voice to work with carriers directly to receive discounted shipping costs; unless they partner with a 3PL like BlueGrace Logistics.

Carriers tend to work directly with larger businesses that will make them more money. They look at the volume of the business, the product, the class of the freight and the value. A smaller business that ships only a handful of times a week doesn’t bring a carrier a huge amount of value. This is where BlueGrace steps in for a smaller business and provides a voice.

When a small business partners with BlueGrace Logistics, they automatically have access to BlueShip, one of the industry’s premier transportation management systems. This TMS provides a smaller business with the buying power of a larger one.

Automation. Control. Optimization. Visibility. Compliance.

BlueShip provides automation, control, optimization, visibility, and compliance for businesses of all sizes.It allows a small business access to multiple carriers with negotiated prices, just like the giant corporations mentioned earlier. It offers a one-stop-shop experience rather than having to call individual carriers for shipping rates. Time is money and BlueShip saves businesses time!

Freight and logistics is a fast paced, billion-dollar industry. Partnering with BlueGrace and leveraging BlueShip for your small business, provides peace of mind. If you are not using BlueShip, feel free to ask any BlueGrace Logistics representative and they will be glad to setup a demo for you.