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Carrier Spotlight | FedEx

FedEx Freight_Spotlight

Take your business far with FedEx Freight Priority & FedEx Freight Economy

BlueGrace Logistics partners with a long list of carriers to help businesses move their freight across the country, so we wanted to take some time to shed light on one of our core carriers and explain the benefits that our shippers receive when they do business with us.

FedEx Freight has been a core BlueGrace carrier since our doors opened for business in 2009. They are the largest national carrier that BlueGrace works with and is the largest volume shipment provider. FedEx brings a huge amount of value for BlueGrace customers.

When you partner with BlueGrace Logistics, you will automatically receive access to FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy. The difference between Priority and Economy is simple; Cost and Transit Time.

When Speed is Critical – FedEx Freight Priority.

When you combine FedEx Freight Priority fast transit times with their proven reliability and extensive coverage, you’ve got just what you need to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Expand your geographic reach and customer base
  • Reduce your inventory carrying costs

Choose fast-transit FedEx Freight Priority to meet your time-sensitive LTL freight shipping needs, either from your suppliers or to your customers. Plus, get additional peace of mind with these value-added services:

  • FedEx Priority Free money-back guarantee, which is included in all FedEx Priority Shipments in with BlueGrace.
  • If your LTL shipment is late – It’s FREE.

When you can Trade Time for Savings, use FedEx Freight Economy.

With FedEx Freight Economy, you get reliable, economical delivery to meet your basic LTL freight shipping needs and your budget.