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Free Your Freight with BlueGrace Logistics

Free Your Freight

Do you have a dedicated Transportation Manager? Does this person spend a large amount of their day on the phone shopping for the best carrier for your shipment?

What would you say if we told you that BlueGrace Logistics could give you and your transportation manager more freedom? The Freedom to grow your business and ship your product more efficiently?

BlueGrace Logistics Gives You the Freedom to Grow Your Business by:

  1. Offering you access to our Carrier Network
  2. Saving you time and money
  3. Providing you with industry expertise
  4. Being agile
  5. Continuous support

No matter the size of your business, when you ‘Free your Freight’ and let BlueGrace handle the logistics, you automatically find yourself with purchasing power. A smaller business that doesn’t use a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and ships product maybe 2-3 times a week is going to have higher costs for shipping Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) than a small business who ships the same amount and partners with a 3PL like BlueGrace. BlueGrace Logistics brings volume and value to a carrier, so in return, we are granted access to discounted shipping prices.

BlueGrace Logistics brings volume and value to a carrier

Not only do you gain access to carriers, you free up your time and save money by not having to call on different shipping companies and prepare paperwork, conduct auditing and billing, alleviate the need for warehouse space, etc.

One-Stop-Shop with BlueShip

Once you partner with BlueGrace Logistics, you have access to BlueShip 3.0, one of the industry’s premier Transportation Management Systems (TMS) that allows you to create shipping quotes, choose carriers, print Bill of Ladings (BOL) and ultimately manage your freight. It’s a one-stop-shop for your shipping needs.

It’s a one-stop-shop for your shipping needs.

BlueGrace will continue to train our industry leading experts. We’re always training and perfecting our craft to better serve our customers and carriers. When a business chooses a 3PL to partner with, it is imperative to their future growth that this 3PL is up-to-date on the latest technology, manufacturing and logistics trends. This way your freight is more likely to avoid certain fees along the way.

Agility is something that BlueGrace considers a key for success in any business, especially logistics.

Agility is something that BlueGrace considers a key for success in any business, especially logistics. There are many ebbs and flows that come in all shapes and sizes, and working with a 3PL that ‘Embraces Chaos’ and has the ability to make adjustments along the way to move your freight more efficiently, is a huge variable to consider.

The supply chain and logistics industry is always changing and BlueGrace has resources to make adjustments and improvements in each link of the supply chain. BlueGrace customers and carriers receive support that is tailored especially for them, through every step of the shipping process.


Ask us about BlueShip®

BlueGrace’s proprietary technology is designed to put the power of easy supply chain management and optimization back in your hands. BlueShip® offers cutting-edge tools for strong reliability and quick performance. Our customers are especially impressed with the user experience, which is completely customizable and has real-time updates, giving them a single source tool for tracking, addressing, and product listing.

Both Proactive and Integrated

BlueGrace’s core technology platform enables you to proactively identify opportunities to alleviate costs and optimize your supply chain. Since BlueShip 3.0 is entirely web-based, full scalability and clear communications are natural benefits of its user-friendly interface. Plus smart integration is baked in. Our core platform can access over 100 different plugins for different ERP, WMS, EAM, and accounting systems. If your business platform is ODBC complaint, we can integrate it into our system. Our customers also receive access to our expert IT department and a full suite of web services and API’s.

How it works

  1. User navigates and selects the appropriate fields to fulfill shipment requirements.
  2. User selects a carrier and mode of transportation with competitive pricing provided by BlueGrace.
  3. BlueShip® verifies shipping information and processes the order.
  4. Any discrepancies are picked up by the system and immediately communicated to the user.

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