By: Dustin Snipes, Senior Sales Manager

Should You Analyze Your Freight Spend BlueGrace Logistics

It’s 2015. It’s a new year. Rate increases have just been applied and sent down the pipe, while fuel prices are decreasing. Have you gone to your shipping coordinator, office manager, transportation manager, logistics coordinator or whatever position you call the person that handles your less than truckload and said “When was the last time we analyzed our freight spend?” Working with sales, our reps hear a lot of “We have great rates,” “We are going to stick with our current process.” “We have czar lite this, FAK that, % discount x off year Y.” This is all just a lot of fluff for someone to not take the time to sit down and analyze what they are doing now and what they can do better. We all get in the whirlwind of the day in our processes and sometimes taking the time to reflect on what we can do better can just slip by. In this day and age when cost savings in transportation can be directly reinvested into other business needs, like hiring and infrastructure, business owners must take the time to do a true cost analysis, which will have one of two outcomes:

A.) Your transportation team is doing great and cost savings cannot be achieved at this time


B.) There is room for improvement by blanket pricing or customer specific pricing for high volume shippers.

Don’t let the norm be the norm in 2015. Reach out to a BlueGrace account representative today.