Adding cargo insurance provides maximum protection. With minimal hassle.

Get all-inclusive coverage for your cargo — in one easy step.

Now, the BlueGrace® Logistics Cargo Insurance Program, brokered by UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., extends transactional cargo insurance coverage to domestic LTL and air freight shipments. No matter which carrier you select.

If you think you’re already covered by carrier liability, think again.

Simply put, the laws and contractual terms carriers operate under are designed to alleviate their responsibility for your cargo. You’ll need to prove their legal liability in order to recover any losses. Even if liability is proven, the payment you’ll receive is nominal — often as little as $0.50 per pound. The BlueGrace Cargo Insurance Program is real insurance, not carrier liability. So if something does happen to your cargo, you’ll be glad your goods are covered.

Think of it as protection for what matters most. Your reputation.

When goods arrive late or damaged, or don’t arrive at all, the consequences can be devastating to your brand’s reputation, and your company’s bottom line. And, it can take a lot of new sales to make up for just one bottom-line loss.

Assuming a company makes a 6% profit margin on its goods…

And loses $75,000 in a cargo theft incident…

It would take $1.25 million in new sales to recover the loss of those goods.

The benefits of the BlueGrace Cargo Insurance Program

  • Reimbursement up to the invoice value of the goods, plus freight.
  • Coverage for ground and air freight shipments to/from the 48 contiguous states and Canada.
  • Coverage for concealed damage reported within 30 days of scheduled delivery.
  • $0 deductible for non-restricted shipments.
  • Transactional, pay-as-you-go coverage.
  • Fast claims payment: 95+% of claims paid within 10 days.

Adding cargo insurance is simple in BlueShip®:

  1. Use the New Shipment section to input basic shipment information

  2. Click quote to view carrier rates for your shipment

  3. Check the box in the insurance section to quote additional insurance

  4. Enter your value of goods, commodity type and some additional info about your freight

  5. Click Book – With Insurance

Choose to insure your goods every time you use BlueShip. It’s real insurance. Real peace of mind. And real simple to add.

If you have any questions, please contact your BlueGrace representative at 800.My.Shipping (800-697-4477)