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Walmart’s recent update to their OTIF strategy has increased the need for reliable capacity and execution.

BlueGrace Logistics has a solution.

Our Walmart Program is designed to provide flexible options for capacity tailored to Walmart’s delivery requirements. These options range from surge capacity protection to fully committed solutions including OTIF fine guarantees. BlueGrace uses our broad carrier network in conjunction with our proprietary TMS technology (BlueShip), digital freight matching algorithms and regional backhaul capacity model to align carriers with Walmart delivery locations. We then provide this capacity to our clients specifically for Walmart deliveries. The result is exceptional performance with multiple options for engagement, depending on the needs of your supply chain.

Want to learn more?

Contact BlueGrace’s Walmart team today by clicking the button below or reach out to your current BlueGrace contact.


Contact BlueGrace’s Walmart team today at [email protected] or reach out to your current BlueGrace contact.

Thank you for requesting more information on the BlueGrace WalMart Capacity Program. Please click the flyer image below to download a PDF to share.