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gain control over
freight costs

Proprietary Engineering Analysis

With our proprietary freight data analysis, we set ourselves apart from other transportation management providers. We have developed systems that take your current freight data and enable our team to get an inside look at what your team may be missing. Opportunities to simplify and save are not hidden anymore.

Below are the 3 steps in the BlueGrace Engineering Process:

Proprietary Systems
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Our proprietary engineering solutions will show metrics such as class and weight breaks, shipment density heat maps, cost/lb. and cost/mile metrics, carrier utilization reports, DC optimization results, on time performance reports, and many more.
Data Reporting
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Using your engineered data, we are able to make recommendations to your finance, sales and operations teams to drive out costs or find ways to allocate costs to your clients. This reporting can also uncover inefficiencies in your current business model.
Potential Integrations
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Many of our customers prefer to integrate their systems or ERPs such as SAP or NetSuite directly with our BlueShip platform. If an integration is needed, our integration experts are brought in to discuss just how fast it can be done.
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managed logistics workflow



The more we know the more we can simplify.


& Analysis

Our proprietary freight data analysis sets us apart.


& Implementation

From the on-site visit, to integrations, we cover it all.


& Analytics

This is our opportunity to truly wow you.


BlueGrace Managed Logistics spans our complete list of services and can change the game for virtually any company. Our Transportation Management professionals understand you need a partner to manage your supply chain, so you can stay competitive in your market. Our carrier procurement strategists will help you meet tight deadlines, optimize your freight expense, and ultimately, find peace of mind.

Customer testimonial

“We most recently closed out our fiscal year 2015 and are pleased to report that our relationship with BlueGrace over the past eighteen months achieved the most important objective we originally established in 2014. BlueGrace’s advanced approach to logistics as our 3PL partner reversed the unfavorable trend in declining freight margins that we had experienced in 2012 and 2013. While we have realized a number of other significant benefits in the relationship gaining control of our escalating freight costs has been a resounding success and literally matched the targeted 12% savings that was forecasted. We look forward to a long-term partnership and hope to continue to reap incremental benefits by tapping into BlueGrace’s expertise.” – David, President