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BlueGrace Webinar

2021 Logistics Market

BlueGrace Webinar – State Of The 2021 Logistics Market

In February of each year BlueGrace Logistics produces a “State of Freight” analysis based on its proprietary freight data correlated to commercial market indices. The goal of this exercise is to educate customers and provide insights on evolving supply chain strategy based on market conditions and forecasts. Andreas Katsaros, BlueGrace’s Vice President of Strategic Planning will discuss his annual “State of Freight” report and what the data represents for shippers in 2021. Beyond reviewing the data, he’ll discuss options to overcome potential challenges.

What questions do we answer?

  • What issues will continue with the COVID pandemic? Is the worst of it over yet?
  • Will capacity issues remain the same as in 2020 or will there be relief?
  • What are your best options in the LTL market and will there any changes in overall pricing because of capacity?
  • What does BlueGrace freight data show about the truckload market for 2021?
  • How can you get ahead of logistics challenges in 2021?

More questions?


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