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BlueGrace Webinar

COVID-19 and Supply Chain

BlueGrace Webinar – COVID-19 and The Supply Chain

COVID-19 is still very active and continues to meddle with the supply chains for businesses of all sizes. The effects will be long lasting in the with facility shutdowns, furloughs and volatile shifts in capacity will continue. How do you manage ever increasing customer expectations with the reality of the “new normal”. Join us to learn how BlueGrace is helping companies just like yours navigate the highs and lows of this uncertain time.

What COVID-19 and the supply chain questions do we answer?

  • How do you hold your carriers accountable to serviceability against the on-time delivery expectations to your customers during COVID-19?
  • How do you have real conversations about increase cost and longer transit time with your internal teams & your customers during COVID-19?
  • What happens when you must close a facility?
  • What is the Financial Impact to your company?
  • How to manage – Facility shutdowns, furloughs, volatile shift in capacity as a result of shuttering operations and opening them back up.

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