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diversity & inclusion initiative

BlueGrace developed our Diversity and Inclusion initiative in 2020. This included multiple trainings made available to our employees both via LinkedIn and internal content as well as BlueGrace’s first diversity and inclusion council, among other components. Our goal with this initiative is to create a more educated and inclusive culture that celebrates all of our employees, customers and partners.

D&I council

BlueGrace’s D&I council is a group of employees that partners with our leadership team to develop and drive the D&I initiatives. It serves as a sounding board for the CEO and a voice for the employees in all diversity & inclusion related scenarios.

business resource groups

BlueGrace Business Resource Groups (or BRG’s) serve as a source of growth, development, and solace for our employees. Each group has their own leadership structure and contributes to the inclusive and diverse culture we strive to build at BlueGrace.


D&I certified

This emblem represents the holder’s efforts to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion not only in the workplace but in their own lives. Discussing topics such as unconscious bias and building an inclusive culture, our employees who are certified took the time to learn and complete an assessment to acquire this certification. Each NewGracer also receives this training and acquires this certification in their first few months of employment.

what do our employees think?

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Covers a broad range of topics
Credit & Billing

BG's Diversity & Inclusion Training is fantastic. It is engaging and entertaining, but also informative. It does a good job of illustrating points that some people may not think about, and covers a broad range of topics within diversity of which we can all be more aware and inclusive.

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Allows you to think outside the box

I recommend that people take this training as it gives good insight and allows you to think outside the box when it comes to your co workers and the environment that you work in everyday.

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Look for differences

I’ve encouraged all of my team to sign up for the D&I Training I believe it's that important. Instead of looking for similarities and common experiences, look for differences.  That simple truth will change how I meet people forever.

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Lessons learned for life

This training will not only allow BlueGrace to become a better and stronger company, but the lessons learned will assist you in the rest of your life.

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Eye opening, fresh perspective

This was an eyeopening training that gave me a fresh perspective on my own thoughts and behaviors I'd like to improve on to treat everyone with more care. Very interesting hearing from other employees and getting to know them on a more personal level.

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Educate myself
Business Development

I'm constantly trying to educate myself about problems occurring in our country and this session greatly assisted in that. The atmosphere was extremely comfortable and welcoming, which allowed for pure open discussion.

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Every person has a different story

This training allowed others to open up in a safe environment and bring awareness to how every person has a different story and to learn not to "judge a book by its cover."

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2020 activities

company-wide training

After our first LinkedIn training for Juneteenth, we rolled out a custom built, in-depth DIBS company wide training for all employees.

D&I council

From a list of applicants, we assembled an employee-led D&I Council. The council has monthly meetings with leadership to discuss D&I goals.

guest speaker

Andre Norman spoke to employees about his life experience to help teach our employees about societal inequities and social injustice.

new appointment to the BlueGrace board of directors

Stacey Allaster Chief Executive, Professional Tennis who previously served as the Chairman and CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association. She was named first female tournament director of US Open and played a huge role in securing equal prize money for women in tournaments, breaking down the gender pay gap. Additional accomplishments and awards include Cosmopolitan’s Top 10 Women for Equal Pay, alongside other leading women such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Beyonce. Read More.

what’s next?

women at BlueGrace

We will be kicking off our first Business Resource Group, Women at BlueGrace which will be the first of multiple focus groups.

focus groups

New focus groups will be hosted and led by our D&I council members to help dive into our company survey feedback.

deeper dive

We will deliver a deeper dive & follow-up to our D&I training that equips our managers on developing inclusive team environments.