Supply Chain Optimization: A Blueprint For Success

Our Six-Step Logistics Blueprint Unveiled

Ready to fully understand your company’s supply chain options for improved business performance?

BlueGrace offers a six-step method to help your supply chain succeed, even during increasingly complex freight markets. Learn how supply chain optimization can transform your operations with an introductory call today.

How It Works

Build A Strong & Resilient Supply Chain

Building a successful logistics blueprint consists of six essential steps, all geared towards achieving supply chain optimization. By following this blueprint, you’ll not only strengthen your supply chain but also gain greater control over your logistics network. This, in turn, will allow you to refocus on your core competencies and allocate resources for the sustainable growth of your business.

This blueprint has been designed for all types of engagements: transactional, contractual, strategic, and full outsource. This proven strategy works for supply chains of all sizes, regardless of the engagement size you require.

Supply Chain Optimization: A BluePrint For Success

The 6 Steps: Tools for Supply Chain Optimization

Step 1
Step 1
Comprehensive Review

The first step of this process uncovers your current state, what’s working and what’s not and really dig in deep on your business and supply chain needs. Discuss how transportation impacts your performance and what the future holds for your customers. Communication and collaboration drive the process setting up the next steps in the blueprint.

Step 1
Step 2
Technology Analysis

Supply chain technology can be complex and intimidating. From simple utilization of a TMS to building out a full ERP integration, BlueGrace will streamline your processes and optimize technology to give you a competitive advantage. Completing a technology analysis includes custom design, construction of an IT roadmap, and building an overall strategy for all business units.

Step 1
Step 3
Network Analysis & Design

Managing a supply chain network offers numerous opportunities to grow. A freight data analysis can be the most powerful tool in your blueprint. Uncover shipper/receiver synergies, discuss lane density and find new ways to optimize all aspects of your current programs. Cost to serve modeling and center of gravity analysis will deliver even more for your business and the future of your supply chain.

Step 1
Step 4
Optimization & Planning

You are getting closer to launching your new program! Consolidating everything from steps 1-3, you are now ready to optimize, plan and utilize your new supply chain blueprint. Order consolidation, mode conversion, and optimal data planning are activated to fulfill your new strategy. Other tools such as multi-stop truckload and trailer utilization play into this new list of cost saving options.

Step 1
Step 5
Continuous Improvement

With continuous improvement you’ll keep pushing forward and continue to optimize your blueprint. After initial program launch, BlueGrace experts will use data and analytics to identify opportunities and implement ongoing changes. Developing ROI and LOE for your ongoing blueprint leads to savings across the entire supply chain and better customer experience outcomes.

Step 1
Step 6
Market Intelligence

Market intelligence and other powerful tools help determine how your blueprint may change in the future. Your shipping data provides you visibility so you can begin to predict rates and market changes before they happen. Use these tools to stay ahead of the freight market, steering your business away from supply chain and customer disruptions.

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