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Logistics Webinars

2:00 PM EST

Landed Cost & Vendor Compliance

Managing Inbound purchase orders, vendor scorecards and unbundling freight from delivered cost materials

In this webinar we will focus on tactics to effectively manage inbound purchase orders from vendors and drive compliance across the inbound supply chain. We will also show examples of how to track landed cost of inbound materials by vendor and metrics that determine when to renegotiate terms, pricing or minimum order quantities.

  • How will tracking inbound landed costs help me lower vendor costs?
  • What metrics are the most important to help drive vendor compliance?
  • What tactics can I utilize to better manage our inbound purchase orders?


Registered attendees are eligible for a Free Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization Study, using your current data.

Your FREE Analysis Includes:

  • Daily/Weekly Consolidation Report
  • Cost per: lb/mile/
  • Cost per SKU, PO
  • Freight cost as a percentage of goods
  • Center of Gravity study
  • Carrier spend breakdown
  • Mode Spend Breakdown
  • Cross Distribution Analysis

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