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March, 24

How Can An Inbound Logistics Program Help During The 2021 Produce Season?

What challenges does the 2021 produce season create for shippers and how can an inbound logistics program help?


February marked the halfway point for winter across the country. While many of us are still recovering from an extraordinarily harsh round of winter storms, let’s remember spring will be here in short order. As temps begin to rise and the spring weather approaches, this also marks the start of domestic produce season, which typically runs through July. Given the sheer volume of arable farmland across the country, produce season is undoubtedly one of the most important seasons for U.S. shippers. However, due to the nature of perishable and time-sensitive goods, it is also one of the most difficult and is rife with a number of logistics challenges for retailers and distributors.

Join host Brian Blalock and guest expert and BlueGrace’s Director of Sales, Jonathon Swart, to get answers to the following crucial questions and more in this webinar:


  • What challenges do shippers face during produce season?
  • How do Transportation Regulations such as hours of service and electronic logging devices make a big difference when attempting to schedule timely deliveries?
  • What are the driving forces behind rising transportation costs and tighter capacity during produce season?
  • How can your business utilize an inbound logistics program to overcome the challenges of produce season?

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