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Logistics Webinars

2:00 PM EST

STATE Of the (Logistics) UNION

A 3PL perspective on 2018 and what to look for in 2019

What Is The Topic?

For companies that manufacture and distribute goods today, there is a lot of positive, but there are also a lot of concerns. The US is in an existential battle right now – with winners and losers. Domestic transportation and economy will likely soar if President Trump’s expansive infrastructure plan is permitted to go forward. On the other hand, there will be some dampening of global trade with tariff battles – for now. The US administration is adopting a “no pain, no gain” philosophy when it comes to the economy. The President said that the escalating tariff battle with China could hurt the U.S. at first, but that it would be “worth it in the end.” Until then, it is a “wait and see” game.

What Questions Will Be Answered?

  • What are the major concerns for shippers entering 2019?
  • How much did the economy boost results in 2018?
  • What workforce trends should we pay attention to this year?
  • How are technology changes shaping the supply chain?
  • What is the next frontier in transparency?


Registered attendees are eligible for a Free Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization Study, using your current data.

Your FREE Analysis Includes:

  • Daily/Weekly Consolidation Report
  • Cost per: lb/mile/
  • Cost per SKU, PO
  • Freight cost as a percentage of goods
  • Center of Gravity study
  • Carrier spend breakdown
  • Mode Spend Breakdown
  • Cross Distribution Analysis

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