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COVID And The Supply Chain – How To Manage Your Supply Chain & Carriers Through COVID

Wednesday, September 23 2PM EST

What is the topic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is still very active and continues to meddle with the supply chains for businesses of all sizes. The effects will be long lasting in the transportation industry with facility shutdowns, furloughs and volatile shifts in capacity will continue. How do you manage your carrier mix and keep your pricing in line with your expectations? Is there help out there for your team that might be able to take the pressure off? Join us for a discussion about managing your carriers in this continuing time of uncertainty.

What questions will be answered?

  • How do you hold your carriers accountable to serviceability against the on-time delivery expectations to your customers?
  • What happens when you have to close a facility?
  • How do you manage the lack of carrier performance due to the current climate?
  • What is the Financial Impact to your carriers?
  • Facility shut downs, furloughs, volatile shift in capacity as a result of shuttering operations and opening them back up.


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  • Cross Distribution Analysis

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