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Logistics Webinars

2:00 PM EST

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Protecting your supply chain and your reputation. The importance of understanding what is and isn’t insurance. (Hint: What you don’t know could hurt you)

Today we do business in an increasingly complicated, global supply chain ecosystem. We rely on suppliers and buyers across the globe, most of whom we’ve never met. And, we use multiple modes of transportation and carriers, across international borders, with different languages, currencies and laws. All of which — along with unpredictable events, theft and natural disasters — raise the element of risk in virtually any supply chain. Yet too many companies still take risk for granted, hoping nothing bad will ever happen.  Many shippers believe that carrier liability is the same as cargo insurance, primarily because they think both will reimburse them for lost or damaged goods. While both may actually pay, the two are far from the same.

Before you assume your shipments are adequately covered, get the facts.

To better understand these issues, UPS Capital commissioned Harris Poll to conduct research into the attitudes and behaviors of U.S. business professionals responsible for their company’s shipments. The objectives were to better understand how shippers viewed and managed risk and their comprehension, and usage of available risk mitigation tools.

  • Shipping professionals routinely deal with incidents of loss and damage to their goods while in transit. But how well do they proactively protect their company from the effects of these incidents?

  • Do they thoroughly understand the options for protecting their shipments and the nuances of each?
  • Do you really understand the impact of a lost, damaged or delayed shipment?


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