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May, 26

Carrier LTL Embargoes, Why They Happen and How To Manage Them

Few topics carry the weight and stress of freight embargoes, particularly LTL embargoes. These embargoes are also widely misunderstood since they effectively impact the middle mile of transportation, resulting in shippers failing to plan for them.


LTL embargoes can also feel somewhat unfair to the average shipper. Since an embargo is designed to reduce stress on a limited capacity network, they may also be isolated geographically. When carriers simply cannot handle extra volume, they suspend their service guarantees. That is another way carriers effectively reduce the reliance on their networks.

Shippers still need to move their LTL freight and as a result, they tend to continue operating within the current confines of their contracts or consider moving freight to the spot market. How can shippers successfully manage an embargo and the delays it causes in shipping without increasing costs?

Join host Brian Blalock and guest expert Andy Berke, BlueGrace’s Senior Director Sales – Strategic Ventures, to get answers to the following crucial questions and more in this webinar.


  • How can shippers diversify their carrier network to work with more carriers, including those that may not have implemented LTL embargoes?
  • How can shippers enhance communication to make their freight more attractive to carriers?
  • How can distribution centers, including brick-and-mortar locations as fulfilment centers, be leveraged during embargos?
  • What data should be collected by shippers to improve forecasting for demand on LTL and FT?

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