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What is BlueGrace Managed Logistics?

BlueGrace Managed Logistics acts as a strategic partner to businesses that deal with a complex supply chain. In this model, companies partner with BlueGrace to outsource all of their logistics needs. Rather than simply acting as a freight representative, BlueGrace Managed Logistics delivers a comprehensive solution set which includes our BlueShip® transportation management system (TMS), dedicated account managers, ERP integration, and free optimization analysis of your current modes and distribution process. In short, we provide a customized approach to full-service, managed transportation.

What benefits do we offer?


Identify opportunities to lower supply chain costs.


Ship using the most optimal modes and locations.


Empower better, smarter business decisions.

How is optimization achieved?

When companies want superior supply chain management services and best-in-class technology, they turn to BlueGrace. Why? Our progressive approach to transportation management helps clients drive savings and simplicity into their supply chains. Following a strategic workflow, our Managed Logistics team is able to accomplish overall supply chain optimization for our clients by providing the following services:

  • Building detailed business analytics on existing supply chain strategy
  • Seeking improved efficiencies
  • Assisting with procurement
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Providing innovative business intelligence & KPI reporting
  • Offering dedicated support resources
  • Managing & tracking shipments
  • Auditing invoices
  • Resolving damaged claims

What is the solution? BlueGrace Managed Logistics.
An end to end, comprehensive solution.

Supply chain inventory control, order-to-cash management, shipment visibility and cost-to-serve are all challenges shippers face in helping customers grow their business. Turning these challenges into opportunities give shippers a strategic advantage in the market.

Through integration, technology, supply chain engineering and expertise, shippers can realize higher levels of efficiency, customer service, transparency and cost savings. Understanding how much it costs to serve a customer can be the first step in getting creative to drive cost out of a system.