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Approach To Technology

Software That Simplifies

Building proprietary supply chain software products require a robust combination of people, process, and technology. BlueGrace’s approach to technology focuses on improving supply chain performance for all stakeholders.

Network Capability and Cybersecurity

Businesses can’t afford to have system outages impacting business continuity - and you’re covered with BlueGrace, and with BlueShip being a fully redundant cloud-based platform you can be confident system access, usability, security, freight transaction clearance and data are there when you need it.

Parallelization: multiple servers, entirely redundant

Cloud-based: Microsoft Azure partner

Robust throughput: transactions per second and concurrent users

Secure connectivity with over 250,000 suppliers

A Competitive Advantage

Higher performing programs provide a competitive advantage and leads to higher productivity and lower costs. As a platform driven company, the BlueShip TMS product suite leans on years of data science, an internal full-stack engineer developers, a machine learning platform, automation and integration, deep logistics processes and an optimization pipeline, THE knowledgeable expertise of supply chain operators, and form over function experience for users.

ocean and air freight

Flexible to Customer’s Needs

By being inventive, flexible to customer’s needs, and constantly improving and pushing the limits of technology BlueGrace Logistics creates a better freight experience for all stakeholders. This results in greater control over operations and costs, complete visibility and transparency for real-time, actionable insights, speed, agility, and accuracy for long-term sustainability, and less manual processes, human error, and redundancies.

BlueGrace Logistics Transportation Management System (TMS) BlueShip

“BlueShip TMS technology gives us shipment booking and tracking capabilities, as well as least-cost carrier analysis that provides a solid bridge to better managing our overall transportation needs.”

Corey, Transportation Manager

Electronic Equipment and Services

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