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An Extensive Network of Freight Companies & Unbeatable 3PL Logistics Services Make BlueGrace Logistics Your Go-To Shipping Partner in Los Angeles, CA

Freight Companies Los Angeles CAThe sheer number of options in companies moving freight in and out of a major transportation hub like Los Angeles, California, can lead to the need for time-consuming research, even before you make that first contact for a freight quote. For example, do the freight companies you’re considering handle the size and type of cargo you need to ship? Will they help you choose the most appropriate freight class that will also save you money? Will they transport your cargo directly to the designated destination, or will there be multiple stops with loading and unloading required? Is the proposed transportation route the most efficient and cost-effective alternative available? And, perhaps most importantly, will your shipment arrive on time and undamaged, as promised?

Whether you’re stepping into the complex field of negotiating with freight companies in the Los Angeles, CA, area for the first time, or your company’s business has outgrown your in-house transportation management capabilities, BlueGrace Logistics is the 3PL logistics company to turn to. We offer smart, high-tech solutions that can save time and money for companies big and small, and we never forget to include the human touch – what we call the 3PLTLC – in our consistently attentive customer service. Whether you’re considering FTL full truckload or LTL shipping companies to meet your hauling needs, BlueGrace is a wise choice because:

  • We have developed deeply rooted relationships with thousands of carriers throughout the nation that we trust to provide top-notch hauling services, and we can help you choose the best companies to move your freight items over land or sea or by air, as needed.
  • We have some of the best rates in the industry among 3PL logistics providers and, unlike many freight companies, we’re happy to provide a breakdown of all of the costs that may be associated with your shipments.
  • We have invested in proprietary software and an expert staff that can quickly analyze a client’s data and identify ways to streamline transportation needs and cut costs.

To learn more about BlueGrace Logistics and the many ways we can negotiate with freight companies so that you can enjoy cost-effective transportation of your products in or out of Los Angeles, CA, contact us today. We’ll be happy to get you started with a free freight quote for our 3PL logistics services.