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Temperature Controlled Freight

BlueGrace will ensure your temperature-sensitive goods will arrive to the proper destination every time through our reliable refrigerated shipping service, BG Cool™.  Refrigerated trailers, or reefers, are sealed, enclosed trailers just like dry vans, but are equipped with temperature control. These trailers are specifically made for moving temperature-sensitive or perishable goods. Many items that require refrigeration are seasonal, which makes reefers in high demand. Shippers can rely on BlueGrace to properly plan their deliveries secure the capacity they require.

Cold-Chain Tracking & Monitoring

Proper tracking and monitoring is another important concern when it comes to refrigerated shipments. Refrigerated freight is time-sensitive and prone to spoiling, so transit time and trailer conditions play a major role in successful delivery. It is crucial to properly track and monitor the temperature inside the trailer and get regular updates from the driver.  Working with BlueGrace will save you time and money on planning and monitoring your refrigerated shipments. With industry expertise and a reliable carrier network, we can secure capacity for you and eliminate common supply chain disruptions.

BG Cool is your refrigerated solution

BlueGrace provides real-time tracking of our full truckload fleet providers, including any and all temperature-controlled transport partners. Refrigerated shipping is time-sensitive and requires care. Our team will help you coordinate and manage your reefer shipments every step of the way. Whether your cargo includes groceries, fresh produce, flowers, fine art, paint, or medical supplies such as medicines and pharmaceuticals, our BG Cool™ solution will protect your freight from the elements.

Carriers To Match Your Freight

You can choose from cargo vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers to match our vehicles to the size of your shipments. Our reefer network includes both LTL and full truckload shipping.  Vehicles are available in a wide range of controlled temperatures, from below -20 degrees Celsius for your frozen goods to a seasonably cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our sales experts can also provide valuable guidance around proper packaging and best practices to ensure your delicate shipments are safe.

BlueGrace Refrigerated Freight

Your refrigerated quote and load will be handled quickly, and comes with the added benefit of our amazing customer support, what we like to call 3PLTLC. Add the fact that we are ready to assist 24/7 and you have great new partner.

Refrigerated Carriers

We are connected to both national and regional carriers with refrigerated capabilities ready to handle your next load.

Temperature Controlled

All carriers provide temperature controlled options to keep your shipment fresh from dock to dock.

Customer Support

Your freight will be tracked and managed by your expert refrigerated freight team at BlueGrace.

Why BlueGrace?

BlueGrace is an award-winning, full-service Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider that helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology with a large network of established carriers to customers across the country. Sure, lots of firms may claim that, but what really sets us apart is our passion to support your success in this complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry.

What are the benefits of shipping refrigerated with BlueGrace:

  • A massive carrier network, ready to handle your freight.
  • Use of BlueShip to capture your data, improve operational efficiency, consolidate invoicing and provide real-time visibility.
  • Our team focuses on procuring and vetting carriers, we only partner with the best.
  • We know where the trucks are and where they are going to be so we can provide capacity effectively and drive down costs.
  • Truckload is a manual process, but it’s transparent to you. You provide the order and we deliver.
  • Compile new business intelligence with every load through our system, producing data specific for your custom KPI’s.
  • Proactive, thorough and complete tracking of all freight.

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