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Controlling Costs and Preventing Accessorial Loss

Want A Free Supply Chain Analysis?     Controlling costs is critical for any business to be successful. When working…

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You landed the Wal-Mart account! Now what? The Retail-Supplier Relationship

An enviable position Congratulations! You made it this far – you’re a Walmart supplier. To achieve this, you’ve provided all…

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Different Freight Types, Different Risks and Rewards

When it comes to running your business, it can be difficult to identify points of improvement, leading you to believe…

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BlueGrace VP Randy Ofiara on WGN Radio

The news for the week was Tesla, but isn’t it always? This time the discussion was around Elon Musk’s comments…

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Hunger Pains from Trucker Shortage

The ongoing driver shortage is nothing new in the U.S. freight industry. As more and more drivers approach the age…

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Driving Down Supply Chain Costs with Mode Optimization

Want A Free Supply Chain Analysis?   The term “optimization” is thrown around often in the logistics landscape. It’s true,…

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The Importance of Retail Compliance in Today’s Market

Want A Free Supply Chain Analysis?     Logistics and supply chain management has become a very tight game, almost…

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A Growing Need for 3PLs

Want A Free Supply Chain Analysis?     It’s been a rough ride for over-the-road freight transportation over the past…

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Supply Chain TLC

For the most part, we consider the supply chain to be a means to an end. While it’s an important…

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The Unique Needs of the Consumer Goods Sector

Almost everything we touch or consume or use in society is a consumer good. Bicycles, refrigerators, jewelry, clothing, etc. Consumer…

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