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Last Mile Logistics Tide Shifting Towards White Glove Service

Consumer demands, they are a-changin’. Customers these days expect a very different level of service than in previous decades, and shippers are working hard to keep up with these shifting expectations. These changes mean that white glove service is becoming a norm in last mile logistics, even for products outside the typical scope of these services in the past.

What is White Glove Service?
There are varying definitions of ‘white glove service’. When it comes to logistics and last mile delivery, white glove service refers to service that goes above and beyond what is normally expected. Once, this type of service was literally rendered by delivery professionals in white gloves in an effort to protect the product, but that isn’t necessarily the case now.

Today’s version is more than ensuring undamaged freight is delivered to the customer. Packages or products are carefully delivered still, of course, but these services also include superior tracking that allows customers to see exactly where their package is, extremely speedy delivery, the ability to communicate with the delivery driver, and they often come with no-damage guarantees.

Why the Shift?
There are a lot of reasons why companies are implementing white glove last mile delivery services, but the fact that consumers are willing to pay for it is a big one. Our culture has changed in such a way that people are more willing to pay more for added conveniences. Just look at the rise of food delivery services like UberEats and GrubHub and grocery delivery services like Instacart.

The rise in e-commerce means more packages being delivered. When consumers have issues with things like stolen or damaged packages, they’re willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the things they order make it into their homes intact.

Improvements in supply chain technology have enabled every-day companies to offer white glove or ‘pseudo’, tech-driven white glove services at a price point that’s sustainable.

Can You Offer White Glove Services?
Once upon a time, the white glove treatment was only offered by a select few retailers for products that required it. Now, with the implementation of new technologies, almost any company can begin offering white glove services. Need help implementing white glove solutions? Contact us for a consultation!

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