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Using Data for Better Transportation Management

transportation management

How to Use Data for Better Transportation Management

The logistics industry has long been characterized by volatility and unpredictability. This has never been more true than it is in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. After years of upheaval, shippers have set their sights on data-driven strategies to optimize their supply chains and, ultimately, help them better prepare and perform in future market shake-ups.

FreightWaves teamed up with BlueGrace Logistics to survey shippers about their current benchmarking methods, utilization of data for predictive measures and decision making, transportation management operations and preparedness for future volatility.

Survey results made it clear that shippers, on the whole, are taking notice of tools like benchmarking and trusted indexes, as well as utilizing data to prepare for the future. It also became clear, however, that a significant minority of shippers are behind the curve. Additionally, even some of the most tech-savvy companies appear to be overlooking important supply chain data and metrics.

Download a complimentary copy of the full report

Download a complimentary copy of the full report