Basic Techniques to Manage Logistics

Basic Techniques You Need to Know to Manage Logistics

Logistics management can be a very complicated ordeal. The very nature of the industry means there are a lot of moving parts in any logistics operation, so starting at (or circling back to) the very beginning can be helpful if you want to manage logistics more effectively. Here are some of the basic tenets of logistics management.

Good Communication
When you’re managing logistics operations, you’re also managing people. Those people are the key to success; without them, freight doesn’t move, trucks don’t move, and merchandise doesn’t get to its final destination. Communication is a critical aspect of working with people and making logistics operations more efficient.

How can you communicate more effectively? Here are some tips:

  • Write it down. There’s less room for miscommunication in written correspondence.
  • Keep it short and to the point. There’s no room in clear communication for long-windedness.
  • Set a timeline. This helps everyone manage their time better and get you the results you need when you need them.
  • Use available tech. There is a lot of data and other information that changes hands in logistics. Using technology effectively can help keep it all straight.

Look Both Upstream and Downstream
Organizations used to operate independently from one department to the next. Now, most companies’ strategies are more integrated, looking to the big picture when it comes to cutting costs. This means that one department may have to sacrifice a modicum of efficiency in order for the organization overall to flourish.

Be Prepared
The old Boy Scout motto is particularly applicable if you manage logistics. It’s important to have a plan that’s executable, plus a back-up plan that accounts for any contingencies or issues that may arise. When you’re working within a supply chain, a single weak link can spell missed deadlines and decreased efficiency.

Learn the Software
In most logistics operations, there are a wealth of programs being utilized to help oversee every aspect of the process. Learning how to use these programs successfully can make all the difference in how well you manage your own duties. The success of these programs on an organizational level frequently hinges on compliance by those operating them, as well, so it’s very important that you learn the systems and ensure associates using them are trained appropriately.

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Independent research shows that improved supply chain management can yield:

  • 25 – 50% reduction in total supply chain costs
  • 25 – 60% reduction in inventory holding
  • 25 – 80% increase in forecast accuracy
  • 30 – 50% improvement in order-fulfillment cycle time
  • 20% increase in after-tax free cash flows
  • Supply Chain Mapping

  • Review Market Conditions

  • Determine Operational Inefficiencies

  • Outline Opportunities

  • Implement Changes

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