Delivering A Passion For Logistics

Author PhotoBlueGrace Logistics - February 23, 2021

I have a passion for logistics and recently joined the BlueGrace Logistics team as Chief Marketing Officer. In my initial weeks of onboarding, I’ve been able to connect with many of the customer facing and supply chain engineering resources for the organization.

In my discussions I’ve asked what, as a shipper, should I be considering for a successful supply chain logistics program. Here’s a synopsis of what some of the industry’s most forward thinking thought leaders have to say.


Automate & Simplify

Breakdown your internal processes on a continual basis and automate everything you possibly can. Automating even one step of a process can mean significant savings over time. There are benefits such as employee/customer/user satisfaction, driving business rule compliance and creating scale while reducing OPEX when you simplify process to make work easier. The mostly likely areas for automation could be procurement, order fulfillment, service and system queries, tender activity, track/trace, payments and invoicing and any type of data entry or reconciliation processes. Eliminating repetitive, non-value-added tasks, while improving internal and external workflow should be a top priority across multiple business units.


Focus on Order Management

By unlocking order management processes, you remove bias to things like mode selection or freight service and focus on improving the entire fulfillment process for your end customer. The use of business rules can drive load planning and match your executive strategy to your tactical execution. For organizations who are ready to scale, order management supports automation across the supply chain. Order receiving, tracking, fulfillment, etc. under one cohesive brand experience.


Improve Data Accuracy

Good clean data drives viable consolidation, automation and optimization. Volumes of accurate data employ AI and machine learning strategies. Much of the available historical data from legacy transportation management systems doesn’t hold the accuracy or structure standards needed to accomplish actionable results. Improving data quality increases trust in technology and tech-driven outcomes. Quality data also helps brings normality to a fragmented industry. Efficiency, productivity, experience and more all start with clean, accurate data.


Final Mile & COVID-19 Evolution

COVID-19 has resulted in changing buying patterns, shifting freight networks, fluctuating manufacturing cycles and more. As the market reshapes itself to address a more B2C environment now is a great time to adapt and be proactive in engaging a final mile strategy.


Sales Leadership

Include Sales Leadership in your supply chain strategy and decision making. The commercial leadership role stands behind the value proposition and service requirements to make customers successful. Supply chain logistics is at the heart of every customer transaction and being inclusive of sale leadership offers advantages and scale in customer service, communications and overall growth and retention. Actionable data and a proactive transportation network also help enhance the customer experience. Brands who leverage their supply chain team throughout the organization can increase sales and grow results.


Work with a Driver-Lead Provider

Drivers are the most critical part of transportation and the end-delivery of your freight. Most think truck drivers are the responsibility of the carrier they work for. In fact, organizations should consider their support and engagement of drivers directly, beyond that of the carrier. Driver retention depends driver experience throughout their supplier list, so it’s all our responsibilities to try to improve their life on the road. This driver-lead approach is unique and can keep the two most important commodities you have in transit: the driver and your freight.


Find Value

Grow valued-based relationships and bring them your biggest challenges. Solely buying on price might save you a few dollars but won’t bring you value and solve your biggest challenges. Look for that provider that makes you say, “I got what I paid for and find value in that.”


The Number One Item to Consider: Have A Passion For Logistics.

When prompted on what that means, it’s the idea that logistics can make every business better. Across industries, companies can make themselves better, provide greater customer experience and achieve higher employee engagement by improving supply chain logistics. One small change in the way you plan, organize, execute and communicate can have immediate and great impact on your costs, risks, efficiencies and growth.

Sound advice for organizational success. Does your company have a PASSION FOR LOGISTICS? I’d love to hear your thoughts as to why.


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