The Logistics Industry From The Student Perspective

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Author PhotoBlueGrace Logistics - August 5, 2021

Internships in the logistics field can help college students learn about its role in businesses, service marketing and where in the industry they can thrive. 

What This Blog Is About:

  • Entering the workforce with the student mindset

  • The impact of supply chain on businesses and the economy

  • Marketing logistics as a service

  • Students as the industry’s future

College is a great time to build experience from the perspective of a student. Internships can help many students find career paths they have a passion for, or at the very least, develop an understanding of a field they decide is not for them. The logistics industry can provide an intern with not only the scope of their job description, but the knowledge of the important role this field plays in the global economy and in everyday life. 

The Industry At A Glance 

The transportation industry is not one that the typical person takes note of in their day-to-day routine. However, as Managed Logistics Operations Intern, Lindsay Ise from Tulane University put it, “it’s a behind the scenes force that is involved in nearly every aspect of our lives.” Spending the summer at BlueGrace Logistics, I was able to learn not only how impactful the logistics industry is in business and in the economy, but how impactful this experience would be in the classroom in my final year at The University of Tampa.

The freight transportation industry accounts for about 8% of the nation’s GDP and plays an important role in the success of countless other industries.

Supply chain management is a key component to the success of any business, and functions as a large part of the domestic and global economy. The freight transportation industry accounts for about 8% of the nation’s GDP and plays an important role in the success of countless other industries. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed just how vital supply chain management is and gave the end consumer a deeper look into the logistics process. 

Keeping items on the shelves, stocking popular coffee shops, and the speed and cost of getting a product to your door from online shopping are all the result of supply chain. Interning in this field has exposed not just how embedded logistics is in the economy, but also the challenges faced in supply chain management. Managed Logistics Operations Intern Mark Winklmeier from University of Rhode Island told me that “one major takeaway from this experience was recognizing uncertainty, risk and the ability to adapt and face challenges head on.” 

Applying Service Marketing to Freight Transportation

Marketing a service relies on the relationship and value that can be provided to the consumer.

Service marketing is a concept that many see within the classroom. In an internship such as one in third-party logistics, interns can get a hands-on experience working in this application of the consumer’s need for a service. Marketing a service relies on the relationship and value that can be provided to the consumer. Interns in the logistics industry are learning how to target the right audience and provide the experience the consumer is seeking. Managed Logistics Operations Intern Sydney Owens from Penn State mentioned that “this internship provided the opportunity to develop skills in communication, problem solving and overall customer service. It emphasized the importance of creating a positive experience and environment for the customer.”  

Many of my fellow summer interns operated in several different roles, from business development, to managed logistics, to carrier sales and more. While each of these channels offer a unique experience, in every case the interns were marketing themselves and the BlueGrace brand in all their interactions. 

“Defining the brand and the service itself is a skillset, and the skills that I have developed during this internship I will be able to take back to the classroom.” said Business Development Intern, Peter Barausky from Auburn University. Carrier Sales Intern Lauren Hamilton from The University of Tampa added that interning in the supply chain field exposed the nuances of selling to so many types of people, and the importance of marketing yourself.

“This internship taught me that I will always be selling myself and that’s one thing I will take with me to future opportunities.”

Learning As You Go 

Interns are the future of every industry they find themselves in. Entering into the workforce with the mindset of a student allows for the opportunity to learn, grow, and find what suits them. In a field like transportation management which is ever evolving, having interns who are eager to explore and add their own potential into several roles can have lasting benefits. 

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