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Freight LTL

Using Freight LTL Shipping to Your Advantage

In today’s world, there are more shipping options than ever before. Improvement in the technology used in supply chains have improved efficiency, and this improvement is very obvious when you look at freight LTL shipping options.

How can your business use LTL shipping to your advantage? Here are some potential benefits of utilizing less than truckload shipping.

Control Shipping Costs More Effectively
The main advantage to using less than truckload shipping is money savings. LTL shipments tend to be be shared between different companies, so shipping your part of the load means that you’re only responsible for your part of the shipping. Using freight LTL shipping rather than more traditional FTL shipping methods mean you don’t have to pay to ship unused space.

LTL is an ideal solution for companies who ship slightly more than shipping services like UPS, FedEx, or the USPS can ship cost effectively, but who don’t have enough freight to make up a full load.

You May Be Able to Offer Faster Shipping with LTL
When you don’t have to wait to fill a whole truck, you can ship faster. LTL shipments also tend to face fewer logistics challenges since they tend to be lighter. Fewer weigh-ins and fewer restrictions about which roadways the loads may travel also equate to faster delivery.

Faster shipping obviously means faster delivery, which you can offer as an advantage to customers. LTL may also mean that you’re able to receive important shipments faster.

Bonus Freight LTL Advantages
LTL shippers tend to have a broader service offering than FTL shippers. You may be able to get indoor delivery, protection from freezing, specialized delivery notifications, plus LTL shipments are carefully and efficiently packed to prevent delivery damage, which is common with FTL loads. LTL shippers tend to have superior tracking services as they tend to handle more individual customers per the same number of loads. Companies utilizing LTL can also rest easy knowing that they’re being more environmentally friendly since they aren’t wasting shipping resources by shipping full trucks that aren’t being fully utilized.