How Do Freight Brokerages Find Loads?

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Freight brokerages connect shippers with loads to carriers who will haul them, but how do they find the loads? There are actually several methods they use, one industry based and some that are more old-fashioned marketing. Below are just some of the ways that freight brokers find loads.

Load Boards

This is one of the most common ways brokerages find loads. They look at load boards, which the oftentimes have a subscription to, and they choose loads they may be able to cover, those within their purview and available lanes, and bid on them. If they can offer better terms that other brokers or carriers who want the load, the shipper may accept their offer.

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As is the case in almost any business, referrals are the best compliment a broker can get. When brokers provide excellent service to a shipper, it’s important that they reach out and ask for referrals if they’re looking for loads. Contacts at a company they work with may have connections within another company, and that other company may be more likely to listen to what a broker can offer if they already have confirmation from within the industry that their services are invaluable.

Actively Seeking Out New Shippers

Freight brokers may seek out new shippers with loads to haul through several different methods, most of which revolve around basic sales or marketing tactics.

Cold Calls

Ah, the cold call. Essentially, this method involves calling or emailing representatives at a company and asking if they could use your services (i.e., they have loads to haul). This method can get a little obnoxious for both brokers and those they’re soliciting, so it’s maybe not the best tactic to find loads.

Warm Calls

Warm calls are kind of like cold calls, except you take the time to find shippers who seem to be in need of your services. Brokers research the companies, either online or through databases that provide company information, seeking out clues that they have freight that needs hauled that falls into the broker’s wheelhouse.

Online Tactics

Brokers may connect with potential shippers via less-than-traditional means to find loads, as well. Sites like LinkedIn allow brokers to connect with shippers who may need their services, and features like InMail can be used to send off messages offering quotes to shipping decision makers in their target market.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Brokers can find loads in the same way that many other industry giants drum up business: marketing campaigns. This may involve direct mailers to companies who have loads that fit into their niche, targeted online ads, or social media marketing campaigns.

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