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BlueGrace Logistics – Why We Are Attending ConExpo 2017

This week, the transportation management team from BlueGrace will be exhibiting at the Con-Expo show in Booth #B9500 in the Bronze Lot at Con-Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The big question is “What is a Logistics company doing at a tradeshow for construction companies?” At BlueGrace we have a firm belief that we can make EVERY business better and have proved this again and again by providing transportation management services for companies in all types of industries. No matter what the industry, we look to become your outsourced transportation department. A single provider for your freight that is more of a partner than a vendor.

BlueGrace will be exhibiting at the Con-Expo show in Booth #B9500 in the Bronze Lot at Con-Expo in Las Vegas Nevada

What Services Do We Provide

A few of the services we provide to the construction industry are:

  • Specialized reporting, business intelligence, customer engineering, and analytics
  • Dedicated operations, project management, and customer service support
  • ERP integration
  • TMS solutions
  • Freight Bill Pay and Audit
  • Claims Management
  • Freight Cost Allocation, GL-Coding, and Customized Invoicing
  • Indirect Cost Avoidance Measures

Let’s Talk More At The Show

We look forward to discussing the freight needs of the construction industry while at Con-Expo. If you stop by our booth or we stop by yours, here are a few things we would like to discuss:

  • Why did you decide to visit Con-Expo?
  • Based on your business model, would any BlueGrace customers benefit from your services?
  • Can you or your vendors benefit from any of our services?
  • What all do you have planned for the week and what do you want to take away from the show?

BlueGrace is excited to be a part of this massive show that only happens once, every 3 years! Please add us to your agenda for the week and we look forward to this week’s show!

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