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Logistics and Supply ChainManagement

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutions for the Modern World

Supply chains are more complicated than ever. Spanning the globe in many cases and branching off in many different directions, companies are having to dig deeper and work harder for logistics and supply chain management solutions that truly serve them. Here is just a sampling of some of the fixes companies are turning to in this modern age.

Smart Technologies
In the last decade, some science fiction style innovations have come to light, opening up supply chain capabilities and changing the industry. Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things solutions have changed the way many companies track inventory, forecast, and collect and analyze data. Virtual reality applications are changing the way we train employees. Technologies and software systems are just plain smarter, providing better insights and more effectively driving supply chain decisions.

Third Party Logistics
The market has changed. Consumer demand means more SKUs, more complicated but still faster delivery, and more less available warehouse space. Companies have sometimes had trouble staying ahead of the curve, being forced to develop new strategies nearly constantly as their needs shift.
More and more companies are turning to 3PL providers to help solve their logistics and supply chain management problems. They offer not only space and staff when both are in short supply, but also tech-based solutions and an expert take on solving problems.

Better Visibility
End to end visibility has become a buzzword in supply chains, and it’s not always easy to come by. End to end visibility requires not only the implementation of systems that can effectively collect, analyze, and disseminate data, but also a company culture that’s open to this level of collaboration.

More transparency throughout the supply chain can mean better communication, more effective planning, more agile decision making, and the potential to save big time when it’s a tool effectively used.