We are all aware of the damage inflicted on the Houston area from Hurricane Harvey. The amount of homes and lives destroyed was beyond what any of us could imagine. As a 3PL freight provider, there are many ways we can help; by utilizing our carriers we have had the ability to assist in tragedies like Hurricane Harvey. Trucks can bring the necessary items that people need in times like this and they can do it quickly. They can deliver essential items needed right now, like clothing, food, water and supplies that are more important than money at that specific time. BlueGrace was proud to able to help those in need after receiving a call from a clothing supplier August 30th for just this type of relief project.

Supplier Jumps In With Clothing

This particular customer provides southern theme apparel for its distributors across the US.  They reached out to BlueGrace Logistics on August 30 to inform us that they had 45 pallets of overstock socks, shoes and shirts that they wanted to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. While they had the merchandise that Houston residents needed, they felt items would be best distributed by another party. Our team was able to support them by providing transportation to a non-profit specializing in charitable clothing – which was already set up to distribute to the neediest of Hurricane Harvey victims.

BlueGrace Team Steps Up

Within 20 minutes the request for multiple truckloads was processed, and shortly after the Full Truckloads (FTL’s) were scheduled. BlueGrace was able to utilize our close relationship with our carriers and cover all of the freight costs for the supplier. The first truckload was dispatched the following day and the second the day after. The Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) portion of the shipments were also taken care of, which included 33 more pallets of emergency items shipped to the non-profit for distribution.

Be Caring Of All Others

At BlueGrace we stand by our 5 Core Values, and Core Value #1 is Be Caring of All OthersWhen an opportunity to help others arises, especially when it is something we specialize in like Truckload and LTL transportation, there’s never a hesitation to jump at the chance to assist in any way possible. Shortly after Hurricane Harvey, our own team at BlueGrace Headquarters in Tampa was effected by Hurricane Irma. We felt the support from so many carriers, vendors, partners and employees this week and we truly appreciate it as we help get Florida back on its feet.

For everyone in Houston, we are here to assist you through these tough times and will continue to help both locally and nationally when we are called on to do so. 

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