Tampa, Fla.-based non-asset-based 3PL BlueGrace Logistics said this week it has acquired Evos Smart Tools, a Bend, Ore.-based a SaaS optimization platform services provider focused on helping shippers maximize resources and reduce costs through advanced supply chain algorithms and real-time data analytics.

A purchase price for the transaction was not disclosed.

BlueGrace officials said that Evos Smart Tools offers various services for shippers, including: advanced order optimization algorithms based on customized business rules; configurable variables, and API connections to create load plans that align with unique customer requirements; and its technology can be used as a standalone application, or integrated into proprietary, third-party rating engines and TMS (Transportation Management System) platforms for dynamic route planning, shipment consolidation and network optimization.

And the company added it plans will bolster BlueGrace’s BlueShip platform by integrating Evos for real-time optimization and also continue to sell the SaaS platform as a standalone product.

I’m thrilled to have Evos as part of the BlueGrace family.

“I’m thrilled to have Evos as part of the BlueGrace family,” said Bobby Harris, BlueGrace Founder and CEO, in a statement. “Our BlueGrace Managed Logistics clients use technology to ensure every shipment is optimized for efficiency and profitability, in turn giving them sustainable growth and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Adding Evos to our proprietary SaaS portfolio will benefit our current customer base, and future ones looking to streamline the logistics lifecycle.”

Azad Ratzki, Chief Technology Officer for BlueGrace, told LM that acquiring Evos Smart Tools aligns with BlueGrace’s goal of enhancing transportation and logistics capabilities.

Its support for custom data points and 10-plus years of refinement make it a standout solution.

“Evos offers a versatile multi-carrier, multi-modal planning tool that integrates seamlessly with existing systems,” he said. “Its support for custom data points and 10-plus years of refinement make it a standout solution. Crafted by industry experts, Evos optimizes supply chain operations while minimizing costs. This acquisition strengthens our commitment to providing innovative, tailored solutions to clients, further solidifying our position as leaders in the logistics industry.”

As for the main benefits this acquisition will provide for BlueGrace’s customers, Ratzki offered up the following:

  • maximizing available resources and ensuring optimal utilization;
  • accelerating time to market and enhancing shipping efficiency;
  • reducing costs by optimizing load capacity and minimizing unnecessary shipments;
  • its advanced load optimization algorithms consider every load variable, including rates, for optimal results;
  • Evos seamlessly integrates into both proprietary and third-party systems, providing flexibility;
  • offering detailed route planning based on available resources and asset locations; and
  • customers gaining access to comprehensive analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making for their logistics operations

Ratzki added that the Evos acquisition brings substantial competitive advantages from a BlueGrace standpoint, explaining that it enables BlueGrace to significantly enhance customer service by delivering a fully streamlined logistics lifecycle.

“This ensures our customers experience efficiency and reliability at every stage,” he said. “By integrating real-time optimization capabilities into our BlueShip product suite, it marks a significant advancement. It empowers us to offer dynamic, responsive solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers, setting us apart in the market with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.”