Founder of Tampa's Largest Hispanic-Owned Business Treats Work as Family

Author PhotoBlueGrace Logistics - October 14, 2021

BlueGrace Logistics’ owner explains how growing up in a Cuban family influenced his life and work.

By Jenny Dean | WTSP-TV
Published October 14, 2021

TAMPA, FL – As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close this week, we wanted to highlight another business that happens to be the largest Hispanic-owned company in Tampa Bay.

The owner’s Cuban background has influenced the way he runs his company, now with more than 500 employees and still growing.

“We’re constantly doing something as a group, much like my family would do growing up,” said Bobby Harris, founder of BlueGrace Logistics.

When Harris founded BlueGrace Logistics in 2009 with just a handful of employees, he knew he was onto something big, bringing technology into the supply chain and transportation business.

“It was a real interesting time because it was the jaws of the recession, but it wasn’t so tough for us because what we were doing was providing businesses a value they didn’t have at a time they needed us the most,” Harris said.

And BlueGrace has grown quickly. Now with more than 500 employees and on track to do $700 million in revenue this year.

And it’s still growing.

Harris credits some of that success to being raised by a Cuban mother in a big family.

“The traditions, the heritage, the culture of living in a Cuban family and growing up that way has always been something very special to me then and now,” Harris said.

Harris says at BlueGrace, it’s like working with one big extended family.

“We specifically target people that have that kind of background. Have that diversity, have that empathy, have that desire to want to be around other people and help other people excel,” he said.

Harris is proud of what he’s accomplished and the people he’s brought together.

As far as BlueGrace being the largest Hispanic-owned business in Tampa Bay, “It’s funny. I never set out to do that, but my mom likes it. She’s proud of it.”

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