Managing Logistics, Transparency And Live Data With Dynamo

Author PhotoBlueGrace Logistics - February 17, 2021

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On this week’s episode of The Future of Supply Chain, Santosh is joined by Mark Ford, COO of BlueGrace Logistics. BlueGrace is a mode-agnostic, full-service 3PL that, among other things, differentiates itself by how it handles LTL and truckload, its managed logistics, its transparency, live data, and more.

Highlights from their conversation include:

  • Overview of BlueGrace and Mark’s career (1:07)
  • State of the market today and being flexible with changes (7:16)
  • Managed transportation offering (12:17)
  • Focusing on the things that give you a competitive advantage (17:07)
  • How technology benefits employees (19:22)
  • Balancing internal development with external collaboration (22:46)
  • 3PLs need to differentiate themselves by what they do best (25:30)
  • Bid fatigue and strategy (28:17)
  • Opportunity in the supply chain (32:54)

Founded in Tampa, Florida, in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics takes a progressive approach to transportation management to help customers of all sizes drive savings and simplicity into their supply chains. Find out more at

About The Future of Supply Chain:

During each episode of The Future of Supply Chain, we sit down with a different entrepreneur, investor, or industry veteran to discuss their story, views on the industry, and how we can collectively build the future of supply chain together. For the full story, Click Here.

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