Tools of the Trade War | Shippers Scramble for Solutions

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Author PhotoBlueGrace Logistics - September 27, 2018

Tools of the Trade War: Shippers Scramble for Solutions

Escalating tariffs on Chinese goods have U.S. importers searching for ways to mitigate the increase in costs.

Shared Intelligence | 3PLs and customs brokers are experiencing a similar uptick in demand, especially when it comes to data analytics tools. Bobby Harris, CEO of BlueGrace Logistics, said that as tariffs escalate, the most basic advice he can give shippers is to get more certainty into their supply chains as quickly as possible.

“Make sure you’re looking ahead not just the next couple months, but the next six months, the next year,” he said. “Look at who your suppliers and vendors are. Who can you count on to help you through the added complexity?”

“There are a lot of good 3PLs out there, a lot of good supply chain experts, and if people don’t have them in house, they should get some people in there that can review their contracts, review their supply chain programs, look at their vendors to make sure they have access to capacity.”

But shippers in today’s market aren’t satisfied with basic rate and capacity offerings. They also want guidance, said Harris.

“In times of uncertainty, people want more information and they want it more rapidly,” he said.

“You used to be able to do a quarterly business review looking back at the last 90 days. Now they need to know what they’re doing every day, every week. The business intelligence tools that these decision-makers and companies are using need to be accurate, they need to be easy to get and they need it to be valid. You give them guidance on what to look for, give them the access to that information and give them ways to control it — all in one place… continue reading 

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