Cancer SUCKS

Cancer is a nasty word and yet you hear it or see it every day. Your friends, family and acquaintances have all been affected by this word in some way, shape, or form. In 2017, almost 1.7 million new cases of cancer are projected. We need to find a cure for this awful disease and this is why organizations like Moffitt Cancer Center exist.

Their mission is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer! 

The Moffitt Cancer Center provides Tampa with opportunities to fundraise for cancer research and BlueGrace Logistics is no stranger to fundraising and charitable events. Especially if there is a race involved.

“It’s a huge part of who we are as an organization. Fundraising and participating in events like these, are engrained in our company culture,” said Courtney Smith, Manager of Culture and Engagement at BlueGrace Logistics.

This is the 3rd year BlueGrace has participated in M4M.

Since 2006, the annual Miles for Moffitt event has been a great way for the Tampa community, and friends from all over the country, to come together for fun, fitness, and to support lifesaving cancer research at Moffitt Cancer Center.

“Every dollar ever raised through registration fees and donations — more than $3.2 million so far! — has gone directly to empower our scientists and researchers to do the work that is uncovering cancer’s secrets, developing new and more effective treatments, and bringing closer the day when cancer is no longer a diagnosis to be feared.” said a Moffitt Cancer Center Rep.

So How did BlueGrace Raise the Money?

Now, BlueGrace isn’t your typical company so we don’t do your “typical fundraising”. Our fundraising efforts don’t begin and end with a bake sale.

Our fundraising efforts don’t begin and end with a bake sale.

“We do this thing called the Executive Drag Contest, where money is donated to 6 executives and the top 3 with the most money raised, dress up in drag the day before the race.” said Smith. “It’s really a sight to see and everyone gets into it.”

Along with drag contests and bake sales the company participated in Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s in Ybor, multiple raffles throughout the office, a rap battle contest in our customer support division, and corn hole tournaments in the company break room.

“We even raffled off an Office Space Printer Beatdown, where the winner could literally take the printer outside and beat it with a bat!” said Smith. “We really love to make it fun.”

The employees came through in a big way and smashed that goal with a total amount of $11,087 raised.

BlueGrace Logistics came in as a $10,000 sponsor for the 2017 Miles for Moffitt race and employees were challenged to match that donation. The employees came through in a big way and smashed that goal with a total amount of $11,087 raised.

If you want to volunteer or donate to Moffitt Cancer Center, there are plenty of local opportunities. Let’s help them see their vision through by transforming cancer care through service, science and partnership. 

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