Author PhotoBlueGrace Logistics - July 21, 2021

Breaking Bad Habits with Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Using predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics helps understand internal and external risks for 3PLs and shipper customers. In this case, risk is defined as price vs. cost, on-time performance, and load give back. Loads are analyzed for risk by leveraging proprietary pricing data while accounting for shipment and market characteristics. Understanding the range of outcomes helps price, prioritize and execute shipments most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Learn how to better understand internal and external freight risks. The predictive and prescriptive analytics methodology assists in selecting the right carrier for each load while increasing velocity, efficiency and employee and carrier experience.

Join host Brian Blalock and guest experts Raddy Velkov, BlueGrace’s VP of Carrier Sales, Michael Schoenhals, BlueGrace’s Director of Operational Excellence and Ian Ellingson, BlueGrace’s Director of Analytics to get answers to the following crucial questions and more in this webinar.

What questions do we answer?

  • How can leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics help during constrained and volatile markets?
  • Why should you prioritize shipments based on risk and not tribal knowledge?
  • How to leverage historical data to change buying behaviors and eliminate bias.
  • How to turn short-term losses lead to long-term gains.
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