How Small & Medium Sized Businesses Use BlueGrace to Compete Against Larger Competitors

Author PhotoBlueGrace Logistics - April 15, 2016

Written By: Steve Daniels, Account Executive at BlueGrace Logistics – 855.878.2556

In previous posts we’ve discussed the 7 questions transportation  departments should ask before entering into a long term commitment with a logistics company, and also discussed how BlueGrace can optimize your transportation in just 6 weeks. 

While our Enterprise Team focuses on providing customized solutions for companies with freight spend over $500,000 yearly, our LTL and Truckload Teams focus on providing solutions for small to medium sized businesses whose freight shipping runs anywhere from once in a blue moon to multiple times a day or week.

One disadvantage small and medium sized businesses often encounter in the freight industry is that their low volume of shipping provides them with less buying power against their larger competitors when negotiating LTL and Truckload rates with carriers and brokers.

Often these companies find themselves losing customers to their larger competitors because they aren’t able to compete in price due to their higher shipping costs. This lack of buying power also results in lower margins on products they are able to sell due to the high costs associated with receiving supplies from their vendors.

Closing The Gap

BlueGrace has consistently helped companies close the gap in pricing between their freight rates and those of their larger competitors. We’re able to accomplish this by combining the shipping volume of all of our customers and leveraging those thousands of shipments per day to obtain highly discounted tariff agreements from our network of carriers.

In addition to providing companies with highly competitive pricing we also provide our BlueShip Technology for absolutely free! Our competitors often charge their customers all types of nickle and dime fees to access their systems which don’t have nearly the same amount of polish and functionality. Because of how easy BlueShip is to use and access (web-based with no installation necessary) many of our customers are able to increase their speed and efficiency in quoting and booking shipments which of course helps them spend their time in places it’s more valuable.

Every BlueGrace customer is provided with a dedicated Account Executive which means once you’re working with us your days of being bounced around between random customer service representatives and waiting for hours for email replies are over. Our Account Executives are highly knowledgeable in all things freight and can provide advice every step of the way including; packaging guidelines, freight classes and transit options.

Here’s a few tips from our experts!

  • You don’t have to use local carriers to save money. Someone from a local carrier dropped off their business card and said we’re right around the corner but neglected to to tell you they can only ship to a handful of states, now when you need to send a shipment outside of their coverage area you’re making multiple phone calls to see how can handle your shipment. BlueGrace has multiple carriers with nationwide coverage, and regional carriers that can save you time and money in your local areas as well.
  • If you’re new to the position of your company’s Transportation Manager don’t get stuck in the dangerous routine of “well this is how it was done before I got here.” BlueGrace will perform a free zero obligation freight cost analysis for you. We’ll be completely transparent about the number of shipments we can save you money on and provide a report showing the total savings you could expect using BlueGrace. You have our permission to take that report to your CFO to negotiate that well deserved raise.
  • Remember how vital each and every freight shipment is to the success of your company! There’s immense monetary value associated with each shipment (think of all the sales needed to replace a damaged shipment), but your customers’ perceptions are invaluable and sometimes impossible to replace. With that in mind BlueGrace won’t make you compromise reliability for competitively priced rates. Through our network of carriers such as YRC, FedEx and SAIA we’re able to offer expedited options at amazing rates, and our BlueGrace Cargo Insurance provides maximum protection with minimal hassle. 
To learn more about our services please call the BlueGrace Team directly at 800.MY.SHIPPING or find us on the web.
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