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BlueGrace Aids in Logistics of Abandoned Golden Retrievers From Turkey


Early Sunday morning, 15 more Golden Retrievers arrived at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, GA. The shipment of retrievers arrived via the rescue group Adopt A Golden Atlanta, from Istanbul, Turkey.

BlueGrace Logistics worked closely with Adopt a Golden Atlanta to ship the dogs to the United States. Gail Rizzo, Enterprise Support Representative from BlueGrace Logistics, worked with Cathy Battrrell with Inxpress to transport the dogs from Instanbul to Atlanta, safely.

Although not traditionally a 3PL shipment that BlueGrace would take on, when Gail heard the incredible story of the Golden Retrievers, she was determined to do whatever she could to help. Gail got in contact with numerous carriers that may be able to handle the logistics of live animals, and made it happen.

“Cathy contacted me and asked if shipping live animals was something that BlueGrace Logistics could do. I originally told her no, it really wasn’t something we did here at BlueGrace. Once Cathy told me the story of these abandon Golden Retrievers, I knew I had to do something. I reached out to numerous carriers, and found the right match. We arranged everything with Cathy and Adopt A Golden Atlanta, and worked to get the dogs safely here.”

The first shipment of 36 Golden Retriever’s made there way to Atlanta in May of this year. This month’s shipment contained 15 Golden Retriever’s – all already spoken for at the shelter. There is currently a waiting list of 2,000 potential adopters looking to house these abandon dogs. There will continue to be shipments of the Golden Retriever’s coming to the Atlanta shelter monthly. Not only does Adopt A Golden Atlanta foster these dogs, they also provide vet services and surgeries to any ailments they may have when they arrive.

As you can see, the complexity of shipping these animals is a great feat. BlueGrace Logistics was able to correctly place the needs of the shipper in the right carriers hands. The dogs all arrived safely, and were transported in style. To reach out to Adopt A Golden Atlanta, you can contact them here: To contact BlueGrace Logistics for any of your logistics needs, contact them here: