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BlueGrace Logistics Purchases Franchise in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Skyline

BlueGrace Logistics Corporate Buy-Back Program Acquires Richmond Franchise

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a hot topic in the third party logistics industry. BlueGrace Logistics, a private, non-asset based 3PL in Tampa, is no exception as they have recently repurchased a numerous amount of their franchises through a corporate buy-back program. Alongside these acquisitions, BlueGrace is on pace to massively exceed its earlier goal of hiring 100 new employees at their corporate office in 2016 and is making huge strides toward the top of the 3PL sector.

“The goal is for the East Coast shippers to view BlueGrace as the premier logistics partner.”

“With our recent purchase of G-Force Shipping in Boston and now this purchase in Richmond, BlueGrace Logistics has increased not only its size, but its geographical reach along the east coast and Mid-Atlantic region,” said Bobby Harris, CEO/Founder of BlueGrace Logistics. “The goal is for East Coast shippers to view BlueGrace as the premier logistics partner that can help drive their own business’ growth.”

BlueGrace Richmond became a franchise in January 2012 and knows a thing or two about growth. The Richmond, VA franchise had purchased two other BlueGrace locations prior to this acquisition and has been a huge component in the growth of BlueGrace partners in the Mid-Atlantic region.

BlueGrace Moves Forward with Job Creation and Growth

“This acquisition is a huge step forward for BlueGrace as we look forward to surpassing goals in growth, job creation and overall revenue in the Richmond area,” said Tim Salavejus, from BlueGrace Richmond, Va.

In the last 12 months, BlueGrace Richmond has seen a steady increase in growth with hiring and will continue to see more with this acquisition. There will be several job openings in sales, including account representatives, managers and account executives. BlueGrace will be adding over 100 jobs in 2016 at the Tampa location. Visit for current job opportunities in all BlueGrace locations.

BG Richmond is Looking to Hire More Employees Right Now

“We are heavily recruiting for the Richmond, Virginia office and are looking forward to seeing their space grow like we have here in Tampa,” said Mercedes Essmann, Director of Recruiting at BlueGrace Logistics.

About BlueGrace Logistics:
Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S. For more information,