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BlueGrace is committed to helping you better understand, plan and succeed with your supply chain. Our logistics white papers serve to not only keep you informed about the industry’s most complex issues and trends, but to also help you develop and improve the strategies that impact your business and supply chain.

Ultimate Guide To Hurricane Preparedness

Mitigating risks to your business during the Atlantic Hurricane Season in the case of a work stoppage is a serious affair. Preparation is critical to minimize the disruption and keeping operations running as smoothly as possible.

Download the free Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Preparedness and learn what 4 key components can help your business prepare if disaster strikes.

2022 State of Freight: Quarter 1 Report

Over the last 2 years, supply chain professionals have endured volatile market conditions along with scaling uncertainty and newly discovered procurement challenges. Overcoming these challenges has been no easy feat, forcing leaders to strategically reevaluate their operational investments and review their logistics programs with fresh eyes.

Review the 2022 landscape with the latest freight report from BlueGrace Logistics.

Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Strategies

How can predictive analytics improve supply chain operations? Leveraging predictive analytics starts with understanding the workflow. Make more sound decisions and reduce the guessing game.

Powerful New Ideas in Risk Management

FreightWaves partnered with BlueGrace Logistics to survey shippers about types of risks, volatility and disruption that could impact the performance of their supply chain. One of the most effective ways for shippers to mitigate risk and improve decision making is by focusing on real-time data, insights and analytics.

Capacity Strategy | Whitepaper in Partnership with FreightWaves

Active shippers are looking ahead. 40% are inviting more carriers and 35% are increasing the number of partner 3PLs. What are you strategies for improving your transport department next year?

7 Ways To Mitigate Spot Rate Increases

Capacity, weather, driver shortages and embargoes are a few of many disruptions that can greatly change the spot rate market. Immediate changes in one region will naturally lead to problems in other locations across North America. Read more on how shippers can follow best practices ensuring business continuity despite the surge in spot rates, limited capacity, and other factors disruption supply chains. 

2021 – Quarter 3 State of The Logistics Market

Understanding how the state of the logistics market is unfolding as the year goes on is critical in keeping your business ahead of the curve. Get actionable tactics to address rising shipping rates, market insight into increased consumer spending, and expert market analysis in BlueGrace’s latest whitepaper.

Building Shipping Operations That Attract Big-Box Retailers

Guidelines have gotten stricter over the years. Major big-box retailers like Walmart, Whole Foods, and Target Corporation set high delivery standards that mandate shippers to stay in line with the regulations to continue doing business with them. Read more about actionable steps shippers need to take to work with major big-box retailers who set high delivery standards.

2021 – Quarter 2 State of The Logistics Market

Understanding how the state of the logistics market is unfolding as the year goes on is critical in keeping your business ahead of the curve. Get actionable tactics to address rising shipping rates, market insight into increased consumer spending, and expert market analysis in BlueGrace’s latest whitepaper.

2021 Hurricane Preparedness Guide: it is hurricane season, is your supply chain ready?

At BlueGrace Logistics, we are experts on hurricanes. Situated in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, we mark our calendars for the beginning of the hurricane season on June 1st and breathe a sigh of relief at the end, November 1st. Through a series of direct hits (Irma) and near misses (Dorian) in the last 3 years, we have developed a cadence for preparing and responding to significant storms that disrupt the supply chain in Florida, the Southeast, and occasionally the Mid-Atlantic seaboard.

Why Communications Matter In Logistics

Supply chain business intelligence focuses on driving profits while reducing expenses. And while intelligent solutions are the go-to strategies for modern logistics management, it’s easy to overlook their common denominator — clear and concise communications. Communication can impact the network in profound ways with improved tracking and better communication all along the supply chain.

Optimizing Freight At Order-Level To Lower Freight Spend

Supply chain leaders have a problem. Despite the advancements in technology, many organizations still rely on manual processes, especially when mapping route and load optimization goals. While that works in some cases, profitability hangs in the balance. As the supply chain changes, the ability to dynamically load plan at the order level will lead to decreased freight spend and improved service for the customer. 

Inbound Logistics Programs For Retailers And Distributors During The Domestic Produce Season
Produce season is upon us and with the increase in shipping of these perishable goods, so are capacity issues for everyone. Produce season is rife with a number of logistics challenges for retailers and distributors, given the nature of highly time sensitive goods. Discover more about why this happens and how to maximize your timely shipments with a new Inbound Logistics program.
2021 State Of Logistics
What is the state of logistics for in 2021? Based on our proprietary freight data correlated to commercial markets, there will be challenges for shippers. How should you set up your company for success? Our newest Whitepaper provides essential data plus options on how to maximize the current logistics environment.
DO MORE WITH LESS: Utilizing 3PLs To Grow Enterprise Value

Utilization of third-party logistics providers has the potential to help businesses grow, even in the face of many of the challenges associated with the expansion of logistics operations. The technology offered by 3PLs, their vast experience in developing and tailoring processes that work for companies in every situation, and the logistics they bring to the table have the potential to help companies leap over the logistics hurdles that come with overall growth.

Infographic: How Do We Maintain A 97% Transportation Management Customer Retention Rate?

How do we maintain a 97% Customer Retention Rate? Teamwork, Meeting KPI’s and Providing Visibility are some of the reasons for our successful Transportation Management customer relationships. We can do the same for your logistics programs and create an amazing partnership. Read more on how it’s done with our new infographic.

WHOLE FOODS: thriving as a supplier in the complex supermarket supply chain

What does it mean to be a supplier for a supermarket like Whole Foods, and how has this changed now that they are part of the Amazon juggernaut? Any organization that is able to do so is held to the highest standards possible and must produce great products that live up to the ever-changing expectations of their consumer base. What many do not realize is that becoming a supplier is, in many ways, the easy part. Once that goal is achieved, the real work starts.

WALMART: the retail-supplier relationship

You landed the Walmart account! Now what? Retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers have a co-dependent relationship; the retailer needs products to sell to customers, the suppliers need to be able to reach those customers and want the reach that the likes of Walmart and Amazon provide.

CFO: 5-steps to deliver supply chain success

What Are The 5 Steps To Deliver Supply Chain Success? Hint: they draw from finance, data, and analytics. Who is best placed to action this change? That strategic overview, that experience with finance and data – all fingers point to the Chief Financial Officer. It requires a skill set that is comfortable with reviewing the sort of information held within supply chains, identifying patterns and understanding what it means. A broad view of the entire business, its overall goals and strategy is also a necessity.

INTERNAL AUDITS: a step-by-step guide to doing an internal audit of your supply chain

While all facets of the modern business are important, arguably the most important to any retail, manufacturing, or goods based service is their supply chain. The supply chain serves as the backbone of these companies and has a significant impact on the company’s business strategy which directly affects its operation and operational costs.

LOGISTICS: how to make it your strategic advantage

Small to mid-size businesses can often find themselves in a tough spot when it comes to the freight market. Low volume often means less purchasing power, meaning these businesses are often left to the discretion (and rates) of the carriers and brokers they negotiate with. This does not have to be the case.

THE CFO: how they can be a change agent in the supply chain

Wouldn’t the supply chain and the organization as a whole benefit if the CFO is a part of the supply chain decision making? The CFO is also responsible for identifying opportunities to reduce operating costs without sacrificing the quality of the products and services offered by the company, so the supply chain should be no different.

INTEGRATION: how to optimize your business through ERP & TMS integration

Do we need to integrate TMS with our ERP system? Given the complicated logistics frameworks that businesses operate in, this is becoming a point of debate. Learn how to save money, increase efficiency, and grow your business by integrating your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool with a Transportation Management System (TMS).